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The truth about Brazilian sugaring..

I'm sure you have heard things from your friends about their hair removal experiences, or horror stories about Brazilians from strangers on the internet. Rest assured! We will guide you through what to expect when you go and get a Brazilian done and the steps we recommend you take to ensure you will be comfortable throughout the process.

The mind is a powerful thing when it comes to psyching yourself out of doing something uncomfortable. From my own experience, when getting sugared my mind creates worst case scenarios and once I go through with that experience it always was never as bad as I anticipated. I hear the same thing from our salon hair removal guests, "Oh! That was not as bad as I thought it was going to be." We do understand that coming to get an intimate service done can be uncomfortable, but our artists will do everything in their power to create a comfortable experience for you.

It goes like this; you book an appointment for a first time Brazilian, and when you come in you will be greeted by your artist and they will have you fill out paperwork prior to taking you back to our sugaring room. Your artist will then lead you back to our sugaring room, and will talk you through how to prep for your appointment. Our room is freshly disinfected and we have a hamper with clean towels for you to use after you get undressed. We always ask our guests to go ahead and undress from the waist down, and wrap up in a towel while you lay on the bed, and we do always step out of the room to give you a few minutes to prepare for this service. So now we start the service. A few things to keep in mind:

We will always communicate what we are doing before we continue so you will never experience any surprises. If its your first time, we always talk you through the process on what sugaring is, what its going to feel like, and where we are going to start. We also remind you to please let us know if you ever need a break or if you would like us to stop. Comfort is our number one priority and we strive to guide and talk you through the entire service. First time Brazilians can take anywhere between 15-30 minutes, and we pride ourselves in getting you in and out in a timely manner while keeping you comfortable. <3

Once the service is complete, we leave the room to allow you to get dressed, and then we prebook you for your maintenance appointments. We recommend pre-booking your next appointment 4-6 weeks out to maintain and ensure you will get the best results. Thats a wrap! You will notice that you will be hair free for 2 weeks, with minimal regrowth after that. Each time you come in, it will continue to get easier because you will have less and less hair. Remember- sugaring leads to permanency! Keeping up with your appointments and following our aftercare is the most important step!

Aftercare is easy. We always recommend to avoid working out for 12 hours after your hair removal service. All of your hair follicles are open, we don't want to introduce them to any sweat or bacteria! After the first 12 hours you can go back to your normal activities, but please make sure you are exfoliating daily. You can do so by using an exfoliating mitt or exfoliating scrub, this will help prevent ingrown hairs! If you are more prone to ingrown hairs, we highly recommend a healing balm to keep the skin nice and soft. Bonus! We have all of these products at our salon, so if you need any product recommendations, don't hesitate to ask your artist.

I hope this helped take away some of your nerves if you have been wanting to get a Brazilian done!

Xoxo, Kylee

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