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When should you take a Volume Lash Training...

So, you have been doing Classic Lash Extensions for 6 months and you are eager to continue growing in your lash career, but when is a good time to take an advanced training?

Some things to keep in mind- always make sure you master your basic lash skills first before taking a Volume Lash training. If you still struggle with isolation and placement then continue working on those skills before going to the next level.

I say it to all of my students, but learning lash extensions is a journey and everyone's paths will look differently. Speaking from experience, I mastered Classic Lash Extensions for one year before moving on to learning volume. When you can create a classic lash set with perfect isolation, placement, while using the correct amount of adhesive it will help make the transition into volume lashing much easier.

In our volume course, you will learn how to create a fan using different diameters & methods, advanced mapping skills, adhesive knowledge, sanitation, retention tips, how to lash in layers, etc. Our course will also give you a nice refresher on things you may have forgotten! When you train with EBL you are always welcome back for refresher courses for free (yes please!) We prioritize small class sizes so you can get the one on one time that is needed when you learn a brand new skill!

See you in our next training!

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