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Do You Need a License to Do Lash Extensions in Michigan? Let's Find Out!

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Lash extensions are all the rage these days and if you're considering making it your career, you might be wondering if you need a license to do lash extensions in Michigan. The answer is YES! The state of Michigan requires anyone providing beauty services, including lash extensions, to have a license. But don't worry, getting licensed is easier than you think. Getting licensed is important because it ensures that you're properly trained and qualified to perform lash extensions. And let's be real, no one wants to have a bad lash extension experience! By getting licensed, you're making sure that your clients receive safe and professional treatments. The state of Michigan requires beauty professionals to renew their license every two years to keep up with industry standards and best practices.

Follow these steps to get your license!

  1. Enroll in an approved Cosmetology school- you can choose to be a licensed Cosmetologist or a licensed Esthetician. This is where you will gain industry skill and knowledge to then take your state board theory and practical exam after you complete your necessary hours.

  2. While in school or once you get licensed, be sure to invest in a great lash extension training. This is where you will become certified to perform lash extensions and gain all of the necessary information so that you will be successful in this career path. At Inflori LUX, we offer classic and volume lash certifications to take your lashing career to the next level.

If you're considering a career in lash extensions, getting licensed in Michigan is a must. Not only does it show that you're properly trained, but it also protects your clients from unsafe treatments. So, if you want to legally and professionally perform lash extensions in Michigan, make sure to get your license!

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