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Our LUX Traditional Paste is best used on hotter areas of the body because it is a firmer sugaring paste. This paste is great for brazilians, bikini, underarms, and facial sugaring.


How to use our product:

The paste needs to be warmed to the consistency of honey - it should not be hot!


How to Warm the Sugar Paste:

  • Use a specific sugaring warmer. We recommend Sweet & True single or double warmer! 
    • Do not use a wax warmer as it will over heat the sugar.
  • If you open a fresh jar, you can pop it in the microwave for 1 minute to slightly warm the jar, and then place in the warmer to continue heating it.
  • Wear nitrile gloves to handle this product.

LUX Traditional Paste

  • Please let us know directly if you have any issues with your product. No refunds on our product.